Recover, Restore, Rebuild

Our peer-driven recovery model provides the support and accountability needed for lasting freedom from addiction.

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Peer-Driven Support

Our model emphasizes community and accountability, fostering a supportive environment for recovery.

12-Step Immersion

Complete immersion into the 12 steps and their guiding principles for profound personal transformation.

Gender-Specific Focus

A safe, distraction-free environment dedicated to men's recovery needs.

Holistic Healing

Combining proven holistic practices with comprehensive 12-step programs for effective healing.

Experienced Staff

Led by individuals who have lived through addiction and achieved long-term recovery.

Affordable Care

One of the most affordable addiction rehabilitation programs in the country, ensuring recovery is accessible to all.

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About Recovered and Free

At Recovered and Free, our mission is to inspire lasting recovery for men who seek permanent freedom from substance abuse dependence. We offer a peer-driven, individualized rehabilitation model that emphasizes client accountability, integrity, and fellowship. This approach is proven to be highly effective, especially in our gender-specific healing environment designed exclusively for men.

Our program is one of the most affordable addiction rehabilitation programs in the country, located in Hubbard, Texas. We focus on a comprehensive 12-Step immersion program, combined with holistic healing practices, to facilitate deep personal transformation and long-term sobriety. Participants engage in intensive workshops including 12 Steps, Big Book studies, peer accountability, meditation practices, and life skills development.

We understand the challenges of addiction because we have lived through them. Our experienced staff, many of whom are in long-term recovery, are dedicated to providing the support and guidance needed for each participant’s journey. Our program includes various activities such as guest lectures by alumni, family restoration workshops, and service work, all aimed at fostering a supportive and transformative community.

Recovered and Free also offers a “Rejuvenate Your Recovery” workshop for those who have been sober for several years but need a boost in their recovery journey. This short-term workshop helps recharge their spiritual connection and renew their commitment to sobriety.

We operate on a private pay basis, with transparent costs and no hidden fees. Although we do not accept insurance or offer financing, we provide scholarships for veterans, active duty, and retired military personnel, as well as first responders, through the Staff Sergeant Mark Ring Scholarship.

At Recovered and Free, we welcome all men struggling with alcohol and drug problems, regardless of race, creed, or orientation. If you or a loved one is ready to take the step towards recovery with a sincere desire for change, please contact us today. Our admissions line is open 24/7 at 817-240-4124.

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Our Affordable and Transparent Pricing

At Recovered and Free, we believe recovery shouldn't come with financial surprises. Our program offers clear, straightforward pricing to ensure you or your loved one can focus on the journey to sobriety.

Program Features

  • Cash Pay
  • Family-owned
  • 12 Step Immersion / Completion
  • 2 weeks - 30/60/90+ days
  • Community Service
  • God-centered
  • Residential
  • Recovered addicts/alcoholics on staff

Our Pricing

$6,300 1st month

$5,250 2nd month

$4,200 3rd month

$3,700 2-week program (previous success with 12 steps required)

Call for Admission

Reach out to us anytime at 817-240-4124 for more details and to discuss our tuition costs.

Embrace a life free from addiction and reclaim your future.

Join our supportive community and experience the transformative power of our peer-driven recovery program. Let us help you or your loved one take the first step towards a brighter, sober tomorrow.